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Step Into the “Darkside” this Weekend for an All-day Party

Darkside Records Celebrates its 9th Anniversary in Poughkeepsie, NY

Opening its doors in January 2011, this month marks the 9th anniversary of the largest independent music store in the Hudson Valley, Darkside Records.

Owner, Justin Johnson and his partner Roberto Hull have made their dream of one day owning their own record shop into a reality. “[Roberto] and I used to drive around our hometown of Schenectady NY, daydreaming in empty storefronts about having a shop. We had the name, but we just needed the space,” said Johnson.

“Flash forward to 2010, Roberto called me up one afternoon when he was about to graduate from Marist College and I was the manager of an FYE and he said, ‘Do you want to do the Darkside idea?' I quit my job a month later, moved to Poughkeepsie and now here we are, nine years later,” Johnson continued.

This hotspot boasts 6,000 square feet filled wall to wall with vinyl

records, cds, movies, turntables and mesmerizing gifts for just about anyone out there. Darkside is also equipped with a hi-fi/stereo room and event space used throughout the year for touring bands, local acts and community gatherings like the one this Saturday.

Darkside Records has always valued the community it serves and the people that have led to their success. This party is a way for them to say thank you for being a part of their crazy ride for the past nine years.

“We want Darkside to be a place for everybody, no matter what your tastes or background are. Any genre of music or beyond - movies, pop culture to counter culture, it doesn't matter,” said Johnson. “We love our customers, have made lots of great friends over the years and try our best to have something for everyone.”

So how are they celebrating?

Darkside is throwing an all-day party during their business hours (10am - 9pm) this Saturday in Poughkeepsie, NY. There will be a store-wide sale on music, movies and gifts, as well as great giveaways. I've even got an inside scoop that some sale prices will be down to as low as $1. Check out some other guests scheduled to be in attendance:

Food: Free coffee courtesy of The Poughkeepsie Grind; Mole Mole 'Hooker Avenue' will be on site serving up fresh, delicious mexican food; and hell yeah we'll have BEER on tap!

Music: 92.7 & 96.9 WRRV Hudson Valley Homegrown live music showcase at 6pm featuring Wall Of Ego, The Underline and Withr!

Puppies: Also, I’ve heard puppies may be in attendance… so that alone is reason in itself to go. Courtesy of Compassionate Animal Rescue Efforts of Dutchess County - CARE of DC, a local no-kill shelter will be here collecting donations.

Check out their Facebook event here.


About Darkside Records:

Independent since 2011! Darkside Records is the Hudson Valley's largest brick & mortar independent music store. 'Best of the Hudson Valley' winner in 2015-2016, we offer a vast selection of new and used music on vinyl, cd and cassette as well as turntables, headphones, movies, gifts, CBD, live music, t-shirts, books, posters, magazines and much more! Stop in or visit us on Discogs or Amazon!

Darkside Records

611 Dutchess Turnpike, Poughkeepsie, NY


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