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Spring Into Hudson Valley Restaurant Week 2019

On March 4th, Hudson Valley Restaurant Week (HVRW) kicked off in Westchester County at The Factoria in Peekskill, NY. This day brought together a number of local purveyors from the valley who provide resources for community members on a regular basis. Restaurateurs and media influencers are invited to visit these purveyors and make connections in celebration of their conjoined efforts to make the valley the most delicious it can be.

The Valley Table, located in Beacon, NY, has made HVRW one of the most talked about bi-annual events for food lovers of the valley since 2006. This year, the spring event will take place at participating restaurants from March 11- March 24th. Not one, but two weeks filled with good food and better company.

Offering a pre-fixe menu option for lunch or dinner including an appetizer, entree and dessert, this is the most affordable and enticing time to go try that place you’ve been craving for months. Each location puts together a unique menu available during HVRW only.

Last year HVRW welcomed over 200 restaurants in surrounding Westchester,

Rockland, Putnam Dutchess and Ulster counties. This spring, they hope to top that by welcoming a few more restaurants to the regional event.

“A great part of this story is that it’s not exclusive, It’s happening up and down the river,” states Publisher of The Valley Table and founder of HVRW, Janet Crawshaw. “From Athens, we have our first Greene County participant, The Stuart House restored from an 1800s Inn and Restaurant. To Yonkers where Peter Kelly’s magnificent restoration of the historic pier with X2O. To downtown Newburgh where North Plank Road and Liberty Street Bistro are making progress in revitalizing the city. To Monticello where resorts world in the Catskills has built an amazing casino with restaurants, we keep expanding”

Both purveyors and restaurateurs make substantial profits from the kick-off and event. Soukup Farms of Dutchess County, a 3rd generation family farm producing mainly maple syrup products as part of the Hudson Valley Agribusiness Development Corporation, spoke on why they participate in the event.

“It’s our second year participating with The Valley Table and It’s just really great to meet other restaurants in the area and for them to get to know our products since we’re such a small farm," states Jennifer Soukup.

The Valley Tables’ mission to “celebrate the region’s food traditions, innovations and agricultural heritage” coincides with what HVRW aims to do for the communities of the region. “[HVRW] is inspired by the valley itself, the producers we have, the farmers who work hand in hand with restaurants to promote the best that The Hudson Valley has to offer,” states Content Coordinator, Lesley Rozycki, “It really can’t be done without the community.”


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