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Calling All Coffee Lovers: Top 6 Cafe Hotspots in The Hudson Valley

Updated: Jul 23, 2019

If you’re anything like myself, I simply cannot imagine a day without coffee. Actually, I can't even imagine a day without at least 3 cups of coffee. I’ve spent my fair share of time exploring places in the Hudson Valley looking for some of the best cafes and coffee shops around. I’ve put together a list of some of my favorite places to stop by taking into consideration the coffee quality, affordability and atmosphere.

6. The Poughkeepsie Grind - Poughkeepsie, NY $$

The Poughkeepsie Grind is a small shop nestled on Main Street with brick walls and a quaint atmosphere. It's the perfect spot to grab a quick cup of coffee on

the go and an even better place to enjoy one sitting down with a delicious meal. Although it’s a small place, I’ve never had a problem trying to find a place to sit and eat. If you’re in the area be sure to check it out for a quick cup and an even better waffle!

They brew their own coffee called The Illuminated Coffee Company. In addition to their delicious coffee they have small pastries, and an assortment of breakfast and lunch items on their menu to try. Their most well known for their waffles that they take to the next level, but you can also find omelettes, wraps and paninis on their menu too.

What to Order: Triple Chocolate Waffle (Cocoa Crispies, Chocolate Chips and Cocoa Powder)

5. The Black Cow Coffee Company - Pleasantville, NY $$

Most recently, I visited The Black Cow Coffee Company’s second location in Pleasantville, NY. Their cozy cafe is nestled on Wheeler Ave right off of Main

Street, and it offered some delicious coffee flavors. In addition to coffee and pastry items, they offer branded items to purchase and my personal favorite part of the store, a “leave a book, take a book” bookshelf.

While I still have to visit their original location in Croton-on-Hudson, I highly recommend stopping by to give this place a try. I know I’ll be back again to visit their other shop!

What to Order: Almond Latte (a number of other flavors to choose from but this one is my personal favorite) or The Black Cow (blend of espresso and steamed chocolate milk).

4. Boxer Donuts & Espresso Bar - Nyack, NY $$$

I’d gladly make a trip over the bridge to Rockland County any day for a taste of

one of these handmade donuts to accompany my morning coffee. Every time I

have visited this place I’ve been greeted with a warm welcome and an even better bite of donut. This place is a bit small so I’d say it’s better to visit this place if you’re looking to grab something to go. There’s so much to explore in Nyack so I would stop by this place before spending your day out on the town exploring.

To learn more about all this place has to offer, be sure to check out my previous blog post “A Cafe with a Kick.

What to Order: DONUTS (changes often, be sure to check in or call ahead).

3. Big Mouth Coffee Roasters - Beacon, NY $$$

This store is not your average coffee shop, rather this shop embraces the idea that great coffee can be accompanied by a great experience. During one of my

most recent trips back to visit the town of Beacon, I visited Big Mouth Coffee Roasters and met with the owner, Alex Finkelstein. As one of our clients at North Road Communications, we met with him to explore the stores goals and see what we can do to help him tell their story. Alex opened this place in January of this year with the hopes to educate people about all that coffee has to offer while providing a public space for people to come enjoy it. Through incorporating art, music and comedy events into his shop, he hopes to show people a different side of the coffee business.

What to Order: Literally any coffee drink (you won’t be disappointed).

2. Coffee Labs Roasters, Tarrytown, NY $$

Nestled in the historic village of Tarrytown in Westchester County is the shop and roastery Coffee Lab Roasters. This place doesn’t look at coffee as just

another beverage, but rather they look at their variety of blends as “Relationship Coffees.” They foster the idea that they aren’t just sourcing their beans, but forming relationships with those who help to bring their coffee to the consumer. They bring this philosophy to the work they do with everyone including other restaurants and coffee shops in the Hudson Valley. Just recently I was visiting a small shop in Dutchess County and noticed that they were serving Coffee Labs coffee and was thrilled to support them.

One of my favorite aspects of this shop is the working atmosphere found here. On multiple occasions, I’ve stopped by for a coffee break during work hours and got some work done here instead. All over their shop there is also signage that shows customers exactly where their coffee beans are being sources.

What to Order: Cold Brew (Their quality blend not only tastes strong but is the most affordable I’ve found yet - Large for $3.25).

1. Antoinette's Patisserie, Hastings-on-Hudson, NY $$$$

Located in my hometown, Westchester County, stands one of my favorite coffee

shops of in the Hudson Valley. I have been coming to this family-owned cafe since it first opened in 2004 and I’m pretty sure I’ve tried almost every item on their menu. The connection that I’ve built with all of the baristas and the quality food and drinks they offer keeps me coming back for more.

What makes this shop unique is their locally roasted Giaco Bean coffee that is exclusively available at Antoinettes. Their strong coffee taste has attracted customers from all over the valley as well as the greater NYC area.

“At GiacoBean we source the finest beans and treat them well: they're small-batch roasted, custom blended, tended and tasted with care. Our primary concern is the coffee in the customer's cup, whether it's brewed by us at Antoinette's Patisserie or by you at home” Kus Beham, Roaster

Antoinette's is the type of place that you would expect to find in a nestled in a small town in France rather than a small town in Westchester County. It combines the quaint aesthetic of a french coffee shop, with an alternative twist as artists like The Strokes and Blink-182 play through the speakers.

What to Order: “Sharkbite” Cold Brew, Iced Vanilla Chai Tea (also available in decaf and spiced) or Iced Caramel Coffee Fusion (perfect for staying cool on a summers day).

Happy Coffee Drinking!


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