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A Cafe With A Kick!

Updated: Jul 23, 2019


Very rarely do I venture to the west side of the Hudson River, but when I do I make sure to pay a visit to one of my favorite coffee shops in Rockland County.

When I first discovered this shop it was known as "Gypsy Donuts and Espresso Bar." They've since changed their name to"Boxer Donuts and Espresso Bar" but have kept their signature homemade donuts, freshly brewed coffee and friendly staff.

The shop is small, but that kept the atmosphere cozy which is something I look for in a coffee shop. It had an indie vibe and the music really set that tone. To the left was a small couch and coffee table to sit at and to the right was a station for fix-ins and a wall filled with pictures of previous customers and magnets (pictured on the right). They've built a name for themselves in Nyack and this wall helps bridge a connection with their customers which was great to see.

I decided to stick with my usual coffee order here and got a large cold brew with cream and cinnamon too. (If you haven't tried adding a sprinkle of cinnamon to your coffee yet, please do). The cold brew was so rich and flavorful. They brew Stumptown Coffee, a premium coffee roaster and distributer from New York City. Additionally, their fresh donuts baked daily are a must. I got half a dozen for myself the first time I visited. Seen below from left to right, I chose chocolate sprinkled, blackberry and cream, vegan mixed berry coconut, maple bacon, salted caramel and strawberry jam filled basil sugar. I can honestly say that every single donut I tried was DELISH. Each brought a unique flavor to the table and their variety offered something for even the pickiest of customers.

So if you happen to be strolling through Rockland County, or find yourself driving by the west coast of the Hudson River, I highly recommend you give Nyack a visit. If not for the historic downtown neighborhood, then for a great cup of coffee and even better bite of donut.


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